Sell Old Vintage Mattel He Man Figure Toys

Sell Old Vintage Mattel He Man Figure Toys

Trade in Vintage Star Wars Figures

Sell Vintage Mattel He-Man masters of the Universe Toys UK – Best Place in the UK to Sell Vintage Retro Toy Figures Playsets Vehicles Collectables & Memorabilia.

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We are always looking to buy Vintage Mattel He-Man Toys from the 1980’s

Boxed or Loose

Trade Your Toys pay good trade rates for loose boxed and sealed figures ships play sets leaflets posters memorabilia in fact anything from the Original TV Series Toys Line will be considered!

If you are considering selling a large collection with an Auction House – PLEASE contact us first – Sell Vintage Star Wars Toys UK is a much quicker and reliable option!

We pay with-in 3 days of collection
No waiting for 60 – 90 days to get paid from Auction!
Same day collection from main-land UK

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