Sell Vintage Toys – How It Works


Sell Vintage Toys – Sell Retro Toys – Sell your Entire Collection of Star Wars Toys Everything from Action Man to ZOIDS and anything in-between (well nearly anything!)

  • Are you looking to sell a large collection of Vintage or Retro Toys?
  • Are you looking to sell an ENTIRE collection of Vintage or Retro Toys?
  • Have you got a spare room or an attic full of Vintage Toys taking up valuable space?
  • You don’t want the hassle of selling through eBay or other sales platforms (this can be a nightmare!)
  • You don’t want to wait for years.. (well about 60 – 90 days!) to get you money selling items at an old school Auction House!

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to Contact Us as we can help!

We are continually looking to trade in Vintage & Retro Toys of most descriptions (see our gallery for some of the toys we are looking to trade in) preferably complete with boxes but certainly happy to trade loose used toys.

Here is how it works

  • Send us a message or give us a call about your old toys
  • We will discuss everything with you to help set up a smooth trade!
  • Send us some images of ALL the items you are looking to sell
  • Your images can be sent by email – Facebook – Shared from Cloud
  • If you have problems sending images, DONT WORRY! We can arrange to visit you if required!
  • Once we have seen the images we will make an offer price
  • When we have agreed a price that we are both happy with we organise collection and payment
  • We can collect in person or send our courier
  • We are able to collect on the same day OR a day that is convenient to you
  • Once items are collected and received we pay the exact amount we agreed with-in 3 days!

It’s as simple as that!

Please bear in mind we DON’T want to be offered ANY MODERN Toys OR any broken toys, incomplete games or jigsaws, ride on toys, or anything that is not fit for retail let alone the skip! Please take a look at example of WHAT WE DON’T WANT!

toys-we-dont-want-1Dolls with beards drawn on with pen don’t tend to be wanted!

toys-we-dont-want-3In fact any toy that has been attacked with a pen or pencil are unwanted

toys-we-dont-want-8Toys with missing parts are no good. Without the wheel the car is no use!

toys-we-dont-want-7Musical instruments are more then welcome, unless they have giant holes in them!

toys-we-dont-want-6Sindy, Barbie or any kind of doll are welcome unless they are legless!

toys-we-dont-want-5Barbie Doll Horses are fine to send to us unless the head is broken off!

toys-we-dont-want-4Small toy trolly’s and trucks are great toys to trade if they work! This one doesn’t!

toys-we-dont-want-2Dolls are good toys to trade in. Dolls with hair drawn on their head with pen are not wanted!

toys-we-dont-want-9Unfortunately we don’t take toy guns in for trade. We do consider NERF but do discuss with us before trading.

toys-we-dont-want-91Toys held together with any kind of tape are not wanted. In fact who would want them?

All the images you see here are of actual damaged toys sent into Trade Your Toys, which are not wanted.


Contact Us

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