Sell Vintage Toys – Toys We Want

May The Trade Be With You!

Sell Vintage Toys – Toys We Want

Action Man, Action Force, Battle of the Planets, Barbie, Corgi Vehicles, Chicaboo, Dinky Vehicles, ET, Evel Knevel, Furby, Futurama, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, LEGO, Lord of the Rings, Matchbox Vehicles, Masters of the Universe (He-Man), MASK, Nintendo Game Watches, Pippa Dolls, Palitoy, Power Rangers, Sindy, Steiff, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sylvanian Families, Scalextrix Cars, Six Million Dollar Man,  Tin Robots, Thundercats, TMNT, Terrahawks, Transformers, WWE WWF Wrestling, Zoids

Basically any toys from 70s 80s 90s that are cartoon film or TV related as well as most other branded toys from these era’s We are also very interested in any retro games consoles such as Atari SEGA Nintendo Commodore Sinclair and any of the games

Most Toys Considered from the 1960s 70s 80s 90s

Please contact us if you have any of these toys in any condition from poor loose to mint in box

Below are some of the MOST POPULAR Toys we are looking to trade in;

See the Gallery for MORE Vintage Toys we have Traded!

MASK from the 1980s completer with original boxes

Sell Vintage Sindy Toys

Sell Vintage Sindy Toys

Sell Vintage Action Man Toys

Sell Vintage Action Man Toys

toys we want to trade for cash


Retro 1980s Galoob A Team Play Set All in very good condition. Original box included

toys-we-want-a-teamRetro 1980s Action Man Action Force Figures and Vehicle. Lose with no original box but in very good condition

toys-we-want-action-force1990s Transformer Robot Toys – Optimus Prime Lose but in excellent condition

toys-we-want-transformers1990s TMNT Turtles Sewer Play Set boxed in excellent condition

toys-we-want-TMNT-TurtlesVintage 1980s Star Wars AT AT Vehicle Un-boxed but in very good condition

toys-we-want-star-wars-at-a1990s Nintendo 64 Video Games boxed and working in excellent condition

toys-we-want-nintendo-64Indian Jones Play-set by Hasbro complete with box in good working condition

toys-we-want-Indiana-JonesRetro 1980s Ghostbusters play-set not boxed (they rarely are) but in good condition

toys-we-want-ghost-bustersVintage Action Man Operations tent play-set boxed with all the pieces and a Duracel Bunny toy boxed!

toys-we-want-duracel-bunnyVintage 1970s Palitoy Action Man playsets. Action Man Dolls accessories from the 1960s to the 1980s

toys-we-want-action-man-toyVintage games from the 1950s to the 1980s. They must be complete (if they are not please let us know as we will consider them for spares and repairs)

toys-we-want-vintage-gamesVintage and modern Steiff Teddy Bears are very welcome! Boxed or unboxed

toys-we-want-steiff-bearsVintage Star Wars figures and play vehicles are always welcome!


Retro and modern Transformer toys are excellent toys to trade. Boxed or unboxed G1 G2 and modern film transformers!

toys-we-want-optimus-primeVintage and Retro computing of all kind are wanted for trade. Games, Consoles, Computers, Accessories are all perfect. Boxed or unboxed is fine. Working items are preferable but do let us know as we will take spares and repairs. Nintendo SEGA Atari Commodore Sinclair ZX Spectrum PS1 PS2 Xbox on and on!





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